Monthly Archives: November 2014

Relentless Torment

Katharine is back for another session and this time Orlando has her all to himself. She struggles to get free from the devices, but her attempts are met with failure. She’s helpless and all of the struggling in the world won’t change that, but it is hot to watch her try. She is tormented relentlessly, and rewarded in the end with a power fucking via Omega.

Hard Steel – Kristina Rose

We use a lot of different types of restraints on this site; wood, leather, latex, plastic, and steel. Today it was decided that Kristina would be restrained with steel and made to suffer. She is locked tightly and left helpless in every position. She is tormented in cruel ways. She is fucked and made to cum to satisfy the itch of being the slut that she is.

CLASSIC ARCHIVE SHOOT: Czech Whores in HELL: Military Debasement

Maitresse Madeline and Lorelei Lee travel to the Czech Republic to test and recruit slutty slave girls to bring back to the U.S.A. The whores want desperately to escape their arduous lives but it turns out that they don’t know the meaning of suffering! Madeline tests their endurance and discipline through a series of military style sex drills. She subjects them to floggers, whips and canes, fucks their asses and pussy’s with a strap-on and makes them piss all over themselves in fear. They lick each others filthy cunts and assholes and try to be obedient. The girls even learn some American phrases: “Please”, “Thank you” and “I cum!”

Two on One

Ingrid is quickly making her rounds here at Kink. We wanted to get our hands on her early, since she claims she “loves this shit”. She gets paired up with Orlando and The Pope, which means she will get her ass handed to her today. She will feel the full wrath of what makes DB one of the most evil sites on the internet.

We start with her kneeling and her tits out. She is blindfolded and put into the device. She instantly gets an array of torment that continues throughout the entire scene. Even during her orgasms, she must deal with both of these sick fucks.

Next we find out where her breaking point is. She has proven to be as tough as she claims, so we push, and push. Every person has a button that doesn’t need to be pushed hard, but when it’s pushed brings everything to a halt. We threw everything we had at her and she fucking took it, so she will now get rewarded for it, with her pussy and ass getting fucked and then made to not orgasms for over ten minutes.

Our final scene has Ingrid perched atop the sybian, and chained to the wall. Her body is exhausted, and her mind is following closely behind. She gives every ounce of what she has left, and in the end you see a girl who is utterly destroyed.