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Shaved Pussy Girls (part 5)

Part FIVE of hot shaved pussy girls!

When I started making these posts of these lovely, playful, lively girls with shaved privates – it reminded me how much of a fan of ALS Scan I’ve been over the years.

I put a couple more sexy picture galleries featuring more than 1 girl in this update – I hope you like that little adjustment. Have you gone through and checked out the actual site over at ALS Scan yet? Take a real good look… they’ve got a LOT to offer!

Shaved Pussy Girls (part 3)

These shaved pussy girls have been so enjoyable, here’s part 3!

I remember way back, when I first heard of ALS Scan – it didn’t take long before it seemed like everywhere I looked everyone was talking about them.

It’s not wonder, they made and broke the mold all in 1 step. With models like this, the quality they were delivering and the consistency in their updates – they really took the adult internet by storm. And they’re still kicking major ass without missing a beat.

In this update, I repeated a model with two galleries – this was a purposeful move. The last thumb, lower right hand side (and then 2 rows up on the left in white stockings), the brunette looks very similar to a girl I grew up with and the first girl I ever “played doctor” with. My best friend ended up knocking her up years later. Oops.

The model’s name is Roxanne (she’s great!) You can find her and other incredible shaved pussy girls at ALS Scan.

Sexy Blonde Teen Girl You Must See

Kasia is a sexy blonde teen cocktease

In my opinion – and I hope you agree – this precious babe with the inviting sexy blonde teenface and incredible body is as perfect as a human can get. This sexy blonde teen named Kasia is beautiful, has a fit, firm body and teases like crazy.

I know she’s been around for years.

In fact, I have a video of her on my hard drive that I have in my sacred, holy grail of hotness folder. That video sample will be included 3rd here, just a little lower than here.

There is literally nothing I don’t like about this sexy blonde teen. Her fresh face is so naturally good looking, she has a beautiful smile and a playful, teasing attitude.

sexy teen kasia nude
Her body is lean, without an ounce of visible fat – not crazy like a vegan long distance runner might have – just naturally thin. Everything about Kasia is natural.

Her breasts are small and just about as perky as they get. I’m a fan of tits overall, but truth be told, I lean toward bigger boobs naturally just because of tit fucking and how smaller breasted girls sometimes react insecurely around large breasts… but with that said, I wouldn’t change Kasia’s sweet boobies at all. They work perfectly on her.

Her tight, athletic ass could make a grown man cry. Easily. For how lean and fit seeming she is, her ass is very nicely rounded into that heart shape that makes guys like me drool.
Kasia dildo
Now onto one of my all time favorite videos which she is the star of. I can’t express how many times I have watched the members only, full length version of the video of this sexy blonde teen over the years.

This thumbnail on the left with the blue striped shirt, pink thong and knee high socks will lead you to the preview video and gallery for this incredible footage of Kasia enjoying a dildo.

This sexy blonde teen is rare for me. I’ll usually find a girl, think the way she looks or what she’s doing is really hot – but if I find anything more it doesn’t seem to measure up.

I wouldn’t say this is 100% accurate, but right around 95%. I think enjoying all these nudes and porn over years has made me a little more critical. But thankfully, a girl like this comes along and lets me build a shrine folder just of her to live in my collection forever.

Thankfully, there is a site of her in other incredible pictures and videos from this perfect moment in time and it’s called Teen Kasia – I highly recommend you check it out if you find this girl nearly as hot as I do.

Many of her little actions alone are worth the membership. In my humble, perverted opinion, it is a pleasure to pay money to witness someone so hot. I’d do it over and over again… gladly!

I’m gonna go watch that video again. Go check out Kasia for yourself – enjoy!

Sexy Girls Flashing (part 2)

Sexy Girls Flashing (Text Links Only) (Part 2)

So how did you like the text links only girls flashing / public nudity pics from part 1?

Also, just like last time, in case you missed part 1, when you have seen a link, it’ll be a darker color than the ones you haven’t.  And if you’re into the girls and the flashing, you can find many more Flashing Cuties.

Busty teen slut gets the taste of public nudity
Busty flasher dressed in coat and stockings only
The bustiest teen flasher on Earth gets caught!
Famous busty flasher agreed to pose for her fans
Delicious teenage exhibitionist shocks the city!
Teeny flashes her huge boobs on the Main Street

This flasher goes out even if it’s damn baltic!
Teen caught showing cunt to construction workers
Adorable teeny reveals her exhibitionist nature
Shameless titty-flashing at the bus stop
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Teen whore shows pussy in her car at the parking
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Stunning teenage exhibitionist goes to the rides!
Groomed teen whore strips in the amusement park

Raunchy teenage hottie goes for a nude walk
High-school princess walking without underwear
Beach babe posing for a couple of nude photos
Blonde puss lifts her skirt on a crowded beach
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Teen candy unbuttons see-through dress in public
Cute teen model forgot to put her panties on!
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Sexy flasher in a mini skirt but without panties
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Hot exhibitionist chick in her downtown adventure

Experienced busty chick gives a flashing lesson
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Kinky lass shows her bum on the road shoulder
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A nice little strip show for passers-by to enjoy
A gorgeous chocolate keister exposed to public
See irresistible flasher ready for the sexy time
Flashing temptress walking around in the pink
Fur coat and panties – nice hitchhiker’s outfit!
Cute teen shows her precious body on the roadside

Teeny walks around the neighborhood topless
Teenage roadside whore in a hot public nudity set
Cocky teen filly flashes pussy at the bar counter
Seaside seduction – teen ho flashes shaven pussy!
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A fresh juicy surprise for the passers-by!
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Hot flasher with nothing underneath her trenchcoat
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Hot chick flashes tits and ass for road workers
Young ho poses naked next to two bums in the park

There’s at least one more part coming – but if you’re anxious to jump into a much larger pool of hot public nudity flashing girls, you can find them at Flashing Cuties of course.