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Erotica Pics

Erotica Pics

I like to make things quick and easy for the people who visit my sites. I appreciate each and every one of you and the time you spend here finding new ways to enjoy yourself.

These erotica pics don’t come with thumbnail previews, but do have the girls name and a brief description of the photoshoot name to help you keep track of what you’ve seen and what you haven’t.

I hope you enjoy these types of pictures as much as I do.

Eufrat Grace – Casual Affair
Eufrat Jessica – Lonesome Without You
Eufrat Silvie – No Strings Attached
Eve – Croatian Sun
Eve A – Breakfast At Eves
Faye – Deep Desire
Faye – Prelude to an Orgy
Francesca – Auto Erotica FHG
Francesca – Baseball Babe
Francesca – Beauty in Blue
Francesca – Blonde Domme
Francesca – Dangerous
Francesca – Flesh for Fantasy
Francesca – From My Lips
Francesca – Heaven
Francesca – Morning Coffee
Francesca – Morning Light FHG
Francesca – Naughty Girl
Francesca – Perfectly Sexy
Francesca – SexBox
Francesca – Soccer Star
Francesca – Something to Show You
Francesca – Sucker for Pussy
Francesca – Summer Lover
Francesca – Sunshine on My Pussy
Francesca – Surf Naked
Francesca – Surf Naked II
Francesca – When Summer Cums
Francesca Breanne – Coming Clean
Francesca Capri – Just the Two of Us
Francesca Capri – Just the Two of Us FHG
Francesca Caprice – Double the Pleasure
Francesca Emma – Daddys Office
Francesca Jamie – Skin to Skin
Gabriella – Siempre en mi Corazon
Gabriella Anneli Veronika Samantha – Girls Night Out
George Julie – Enjoy the Ride
George Julie – Lovers Way
Georgia – Gorgeous
Georgia – Nude Yoga
Georgia – SexBox 2

Bookmark SEXY-PICS.COM to your favorites and come back any time you are looking for hot, sexy erotica pics, there’s always plenty to see here.

Sexiest Girls

See what it takes to be the #1 site with the sexiest girls on the net.

sexiest girlsI have been heavily into hot girls on the internet since I got started with it back in 1996. Many sites have come and gone in that time and I’ve seen a lot of incredibly hot chicks.

There hasn’t been anywhere that I can think of that has been so amazing, for so long as the site Met-Art.

They truly deliver the sexiest girls in natural form, captured by fantastic photographers and treat their members very well.

This is not just my opinion. Most of the adult review sites and a large percentage of actual members rate Met Art as the #1 site for sexy photography featuring beautiful females in their natural nude form.

Enclosed in this post, you should see a grid of pretty faces that belong to some of the models that have been captured for the Met Art Members.

This screenshot was taken on February 4th, 2016 by me personally and represents an honest, accurate representation of a FRACTION of the models in the massive Met Art archives.

Notice, I said it is a fraction of the models. That is 100% true – I had to cut the image in size so the file wasn’t too huge for this post. I had to cut MORE THAN HALF of the image off for it to fit properly!!

So not only does Met Art provide the sexiest girls, but there are SO MANY of them!

No matter what type of girl you like – blondes, brunettes, redheads – small breasts, medium sized or big tits – you will be pleased to see the fantastic picture galleries provided for the members.

In the members area, you will find over 14,698+ galleries. The photos have a couple resolution choices for you and are downloadable in zip format for your convenience.

You will also enjoy regular updates that keep things growing and fresh constantly.

The sexy pics are definitely what put them heads and shoulders over other sites – even the copy-cats that try to keep up, can’t because MetArt is just that good.

Of course, nothing is perfect – so I want you to know if your biggest pleasure and turn on is videos, this probably isn’t the site for you. Though they have over 1,199+ movie clips – the quantity and quality just isn’t enough to keep up with those who master the video genre. Consider the videos a pleasant bonus and not the major draw of the site.

Even with that “flaw”, Met Art provides an impressive archive of some of the sexiest girls you will ever witness in your life – easy to join, easy to cancel, easy to navigate and enjoy for as long as you wish. It is a definite winner and I wouldn’t be very good running if I didn’t have a good tribute to this long time running, so highly recommended master site. Click here to check it out for yourself!

Sexy Babes – Cute Outfits

Here are some sexy babes both in and out of some cute outfits.

Sometimes the outfit will be clothing related, skirts and such.. other times maybe it’s some lingerie or something.

But you can be sure that by the end, they’ll be naked and probably doing something naughty!

If you enjoy these girls, this style of photography and want a bunch more, you can have it all over at 1 By Day.

Hot Babes With Sex Toys

Babes With Sex Toys

Did you ever notice that a woman never looks angry when she’s using a sex toy? I think that might be the ticket to relationship happiness – got an issues? Give her a 45 minute time out with a vibrator and get things going again once she’s done.

Of course, since this is (feel free to bookmark it now) I have included some thumbnailed pictures from one of the top sites for providing erotic photos and hot babes – today, it’s 1 By Day because I’ve been a fan for years.

If you enjoy this style of picture, then you should be checking out 1 By Day now instead of reading my blabbering nonsense. You can thank me later 🙂

Unrelated to the post, but here’s a chick with big tits in overalls just because I think it’s hot:

Secrets Of The Sexiest Girls

Do you want the sexiest girls?


How To Find The Sexiest Girls

You’ll know them the first second you see them, right?

A lot of really hot babes get by on their looks and know they don’t have to work for it. They are spoiled. They have guys throwing themselves at them all the time and it’s all so boring to them. They just lie there like corpses in bed – but still, they get insane amounts of attention.

But the sexiest girls – look good and also like to play with it. They’re cock teases, they’re playful, they flash us and things like this.

sexy downblouse upskirt sexy girl bending over

In bed, they work everything they’ve got to push you over the edge like nobody else can. Upskirt peeks, downblouse views, flirtatious smiles and everything else – that’s what makes the sexiest girls in my opinion.

pretty bare ass sexiest girlspretty brunette with long hair

That is why I think FTV Girls has some of the sexiest girls I’ve ever seen. They do all the hot playful, teasing, sexy and fun things that really turn me on.
hot blonde perky tits sexiest girls
upskirt tease sexiest girls

Apparently I’m not alone, FTV Girls is very popular and even according to Rabbit’s Reviews where they rank very well, “There’s public nudity, masturbation, vibrators, big dildos, bigger dildos, strapons, lesbian scenes, insertions and extreme pussy closeups.”

Imagine a night out at the strip club – with the cover charge, a couple drinks and ONE lap dance you have a little entertainment for a short period of time.

For less than that, you can be enjoying the premium, members only access for a full month! And of course, everything you download is yours forever!

If you don’t get access, you’ll probably be surfing so-called “free” sites all night and go to bed with blue balls AGAIN.

Fuck that! Get satisfied – discover the sexiest girls in one of the most sought after members areas on the net – join FTV Girls now and enjoy!

Pictures Of Sexy Women

Another pleasure packed post today, pictures of sexy women brought to you by 1 By Day.

I want to have some more theme days, but it’s been harder than I expected to highlight the things I want to do. So some of the posts will be a little more generalized – which is still hot babes, so I hope that’s cool with you.

It’s amazing to me when comparing the amount of pictures I post here to the members sections they are samples from. It’s such a small fraction of what they offer at 1 By Day, I am just impressed by the quality and quantity of sexy women these sites have. Enjoy my friend!

Sexy Blonde Teen Girl You Must See

Kasia is a sexy blonde teen cocktease

In my opinion – and I hope you agree – this precious babe with the inviting sexy blonde teenface and incredible body is as perfect as a human can get. This sexy blonde teen named Kasia is beautiful, has a fit, firm body and teases like crazy.

I know she’s been around for years.

In fact, I have a video of her on my hard drive that I have in my sacred, holy grail of hotness folder. That video sample will be included 3rd here, just a little lower than here.

There is literally nothing I don’t like about this sexy blonde teen. Her fresh face is so naturally good looking, she has a beautiful smile and a playful, teasing attitude.

sexy teen kasia nude
Her body is lean, without an ounce of visible fat – not crazy like a vegan long distance runner might have – just naturally thin. Everything about Kasia is natural.

Her breasts are small and just about as perky as they get. I’m a fan of tits overall, but truth be told, I lean toward bigger boobs naturally just because of tit fucking and how smaller breasted girls sometimes react insecurely around large breasts… but with that said, I wouldn’t change Kasia’s sweet boobies at all. They work perfectly on her.

Her tight, athletic ass could make a grown man cry. Easily. For how lean and fit seeming she is, her ass is very nicely rounded into that heart shape that makes guys like me drool.
Kasia dildo
Now onto one of my all time favorite videos which she is the star of. I can’t express how many times I have watched the members only, full length version of the video of this sexy blonde teen over the years.

This thumbnail on the left with the blue striped shirt, pink thong and knee high socks will lead you to the preview video and gallery for this incredible footage of Kasia enjoying a dildo.

This sexy blonde teen is rare for me. I’ll usually find a girl, think the way she looks or what she’s doing is really hot – but if I find anything more it doesn’t seem to measure up.

I wouldn’t say this is 100% accurate, but right around 95%. I think enjoying all these nudes and porn over years has made me a little more critical. But thankfully, a girl like this comes along and lets me build a shrine folder just of her to live in my collection forever.

Thankfully, there is a site of her in other incredible pictures and videos from this perfect moment in time and it’s called Teen Kasia – I highly recommend you check it out if you find this girl nearly as hot as I do.

Many of her little actions alone are worth the membership. In my humble, perverted opinion, it is a pleasure to pay money to witness someone so hot. I’d do it over and over again… gladly!

I’m gonna go watch that video again. Go check out Kasia for yourself – enjoy!