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Realistic Masturbators – Sex Toys

WTF Are Realistic Masturbators?

realistic masturbators - sex toysSo I openly and freely admit I’m a pervert. So the things I search and stumble upon within the internet should be of no surprise.

I’ve almost always been aware of sex dolls and pocket pussies.

I then became aware of the fuck me silly line of sexual accessories or sex toys. Of course there’s the insanely expensive and heavy Real Doll thingie which is.. well.. a commitment if you ask me..  Oh and just so I don’t get in trouble I’m sure the words REAL and DOLL used together are someones trademark and I’m not trying to infringe or defraud or anything that by simply mentioning it and my opinion.. Anyway…

I’ve heard of cyberskin and and other materials which are manufactured to feel as close as possible to real flesh. And lots more. But it wasn’t until fairly recently I heard these to words put together to mean something: realistic masturbators.

At quick glance, I thought it meant really high definition pictures or videos of people masturbating til climax. Silly me.

Once I found the site for realistic masturbators – oddly enough at I became really educated really fast. I’ve seen these things before. And I may or may not have owned and used a few. I never knew they had a name. Is that weird?

Fuckable little pussies, assholes, cocks, mouths, pussy and ass combos and more – there are really a LOT of these things. Realistic masturbators come through if you don’t want a human sized fuck toy that weighs over 100 pounds to mess with.

They’ve got a bunch of these things plus the pocket pussies and other more typical masturbating devices and an enormous selection of sex toys, lubes, condoms, adult videos and much more. The inventory is just insane and the site is really easy to navigate – friendly – secure – etc.

I noticed at the top of the page (and I don’t know how much longer it’ll be there) that there is a 20% coupon code in red type on the front page. 20% off a big order adds up to a shitload of savings! It’s basically like getting free sex toys.

So if you have ever or think you’d like to get sex toys, lubrication, adult products, xxx videos or anything else a top notch, high end sex shop would provide and want to do it privately and discretely – their info shows all the privacy, security and discretion steps take on every order, so it’s totally safe and secret… check out Realistic Masturbators – tell ’em I sent you, maybe they’ll send presents 😉